The Beginning (Hidden Destiny, #1) Lilibeth Muscato

ISBN: 9781481919555



216 pages


The Beginning (Hidden Destiny, #1)  by  Lilibeth Muscato

The Beginning (Hidden Destiny, #1) by Lilibeth Muscato
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 216 pages | ISBN: 9781481919555 | 8.33 Mb

Not exactly pleased with goodreads at the moment. Warning, take reviews from goodreads with a hint of they might fake. I have complained to GR on many occasions for people creating multiple names to leave reviews.4/17 - Any on Hidden Destiny is by a troll. The book has not been released yet. I have contacted GR, more than once. They allow multiple accounts from the same person to leave reviews.For those that did not receive your copy, (I am no longer with that publisher who listed the give-a-way)What do I do if I win a giveaway and dont receive the book?Every once and awhile, a book will be lost in the mail.

Goodreads is not involved in book shipment, but if you dont receive the book within one month, we suggest that you contact the person who listed the giveaway (usually the author or a publisher). Heres how:1) Click on the giveaway that you won.

You can find your history here.2) Click on the name of the person who listed the giveaway on the top right of the page.3) Click send message on the top of his/her profile.If you do not hear back in a reasonable amount of time, please let us know, and well do our best to intervene.Feel free to add me as a friend on like me write for fun.

I write what limits the imagination - nothing. :) I can only write what I know about, mixed in with what could actually happen. I never judge a person by their words, for I havent walked in their shoes. To judge without knowing, is being blind and still think you can drive.We each hold the keys to our lives. Even if we were to hand our keys over to the next person, theyll still never see what weve seen. They wont feel what weve felt.

We may learn from one another, but we each are our own person.I believe I would not be where I am today, if it wasnt for the experiences Ive experienced. We can look back at who we have become. We can look at where we are today and think, what if. The future is unknown. If we dont take a chance today, well be where we were, yesterday.

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